RSD High School Facilities

Phoenix, Arizona

Who are we?

An experienced and dedicated group of High School Teachers and Administrators motivated to create a supportive and challenging classroom atmosphere that encourages students to participate in their journey to success

How do we help students?

  • Flexible scheduling, Online High School from home to fit your schedule
  • Give students' control of their education with education online
  • Benefit all learning styles
  • Allow Individualized programs of study
  • Open enrollment policy
  • Allow students to enroll and start online classes the same day.
  • Stop the waiting for the beginning of a semester
  • Ensure you are never "behind"

How long have we been around?

  • RSD has been successfully graduating students since 2003.
  • RSD Charter School, 51st Ave & Thunderbird, 2003-2009.
  • 28th Dr. & Sweetwater 2007-2015.
  • 35th Ave & Thunderbird, 2015 -2021
  • and now .... High School ONLINE available since 2010

RSD High School Mission

Success For Every Student through an individualized educational program that addresses all life/learning styles from exceptional to struggling learners including credit deficiencies, pregnancy or parenting, adjudicated or at risk of dropping out of school by preparing students to be lifelong learners and successful productive citizens.

What is RSD High School

  • An educationally, resource-rich environment for teaching and learning
  • A nurturing atmosphere that allows the full potential of its students to grow
  • A strong foundation that supports students to be creative and critical thinkers

Benefits of going to RSD High School?

  • May not be able to attend a traditional High School's regular hours
  • Have family responsibilities that may require them to work
  • May be parenting a child
  • Struggle with teacher led instruction
  • Want to accelerate and finish high school early
  • May need to catch up
  • Learn easier at their own pace