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We offer all required core subjects and your choice of elective courses

We take pride in our computerized curriculum. We offer a wide range of classes, as well as several areas where students can concentrate their studies.

RSD High School is now offering dual-enrollment classes with GCC. This means that you can earn both high school credit and college credit for your Senior English class. You will also gain college classroom and writing skills. Students earning credit at the Maricopa Community Colleges must test into the class and are officially students of Glendale Community College—with all the benefits and resources the college offers. Credits are fully transferrable to other colleges and universities and the course is taught by a current GCC instructor. It’s a great way to transition into the college experience and add a little flavor to your high school education.

            Core Required classes                                                                           Electives
Language Arts 1 Art Appreciation
Language Arts 2 Health
Language Arts 3 Humanities 1
Language Arts 4 Lifetime Fitness
Language Arts 5 Sociology
Language Arts 6 Psychology
Language Arts 7 Career Exploration
Language Arts 8 Intro to Social Science
Pre Algebra College Readiness
Algebra 1 Part 1 Personal Finance
Algebra 1 Part 2 Math Intervention
Algebra 2 Part 1 Writing Intervention
Algebra 2 Part 2 Reading Intervention
Algebra 1 A Functional Approach Community Service
Geometry 1 Speech
Geometry 2 Current Events
Trigonometry  Parenting
Calculus 1 Keyboarding
Calculus 2 Computer Essentials
Real World Math Yearbook
History of the World/ Geography 1 Journalism
History of the World/ Geography 2 Civics
US/Az History/ Geography 1 Anthropology
US/Az History/Az/ Geography 2 History of America 1 & 2
AZ/US Government Creative Writing
Economics Dual Enrollment Through Glendale Community College
Earth & Space Science 1 Concurrent Enrollment thru Maricopa Community Colleges
Earth & Space Science 2 Humanities 2
Biology 1 Life Skills
Biology 2 Math Skills
Chemistry 1 Language Arts Skills
Chemistry 2 Reading Skills
Physics Vocabulary Skills

 High School Graduation Requirements*


English 4 credits Mathematics(1) 4 credits Science(2) 3 credits Social Studies 3 credits CTE/Fine Art 1 credit Electives 7 credits ____________________________

Total 22 credits

 (1)Mathematics courses shall consist of Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II (or its equivalent) and an additional course with significant mathematics content as determined by district governing boards or charter schools. (2)Science courses shall prepare students for the high school AIMS test (life science). A.R.S. § 15-203 prohibits the SBE from adopting changes to these requirements that will impact “capital costs.”


We are dedicated to teaching a young adult as much as possible during each class. Our classrooms are an open and friendly learning environment, without undue distractions 


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